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He HONOR Magic 6 Pro This is one of those high-end phones that is worth keeping an eye on for several reasons, from its top quality screen to its responsiveness in all types of apps. After reviewing it for several weeks, we bring you our first impressions of this device.

Once unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2024 in February, the Magic 6 Pro debuted in Mexico in April this year and can now be purchased from the brand’s online store as well as other establishments.

Feels good in your hands

This is not the first time we’ve started describing first impressions of the phone’s design, but this time it’s more than justified. In our hands was a device made of vegan leather, that is, vintage green. This coating is pleasant to hold in your hands, both when wearing it and when holding the phone.

What may be a little controversial is the module that houses the main optics. Apart from being anything but discreet, it has a combination of shapes limited by a graceful frame. I’m sure some will be more than happy, but others might prefer something more minimalistic.

Image used with permission of the copyright holder

In addition to the mobile phone design, it has classic physical buttons on the right side that allow you to perform actions such as reducing the volume or turning off the device.

Door to entertainment

HONOR deserves recognition for its commitment to curved screens. Such is the case with the OLED panel of the Magic 6 Pro, which has characteristics such as a 6.8-inch size, a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, display of more than one billion colors, Full HD+ resolution and compatibility with high video standards. , such as Dolby Vision.

The display is only interrupted by the front optical module, which is interactive. For example, if you set a timer from the clock app, you’ll be able to keep track of it even if you’re in other apps because a sort of “expandable capsule” is included (like Dynamic Island for the iPhone).

It is thanks to the screen and all its functions that your favorite TV shows and movies will be displayed with good detail, vibrant colors and optimal contrast. The stereo sound of the equipment also complements the pleasant experience of visiting this section.

Ready for action

You can’t imagine a mobile phone of the caliber of the HONOR Magic 6 Pro without outstanding responsiveness. That is why inside the device, in addition to 12 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor is installed, to which you can add another 8 GB using HONOR RAM Turbo technology.

All this contributes to the enjoyment of various activities performed on a smartphone: from viewing multimedia content to browsing various sites and platforms. By the way, the memory capacity is 512GB, so you can take thousands of photos without worrying.

Image used with permission of the copyright holder

As for the battery, the 5600mAh capacity includes HONOR E1 Power Enhanced chip and Honor Power Management System, which can improve the performance of the power supply in cold conditions.

Magic 6 Pro SuperCharge fast charging is 80W, which allows you to prepare your cell phone in less than 50 minutes.

Maximum accuracy

The optics are the last thing we need to note about the HONOR Magic 6 Pro. It consists of a 180 MP main lens (telephoto lens with periscope) and two 50 MP cameras. The front one is also 50 MP (there is another sensor on the front, but this one is dedicated to 3D face unlocking).

In practice, people get images with rich colors in almost any environment, even at night, and an optimal level of accuracy.

By the way, as in other devices of the brand, the camera application interface is intuitive: it is easy to switch from one mode to another depending on the environment in which each of them is located. You can also go to the app’s general settings and set options that will help you take better photos.

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