That’s what I love most about the new iPad Pro, but is it really worth buying?

New iPad Pro models hit the market with great success

That's what I love most about the new iPad Pro, but is it really worth buying?
The iPad Pro is always a worthwhile device, but depending on the situation…

Apple introduced the 2024 iPad Pro series at a special event full of interesting and surprises at the beginning of May. The new iPad Pro range has launched with some fantastic new features that take Apple’s tablet one step closer to perfection.

The main innovations of the new iPad Pro models can be summarized in four points. First of all, your OLED screendesigned to be the best OLED display on the market. On the other hand, the 2024 iPad Pro is a tablet thinner Apple’s history. Also, it also includes a M4 processor From Apple Silicon, which excellent performance. And finally, the company highlighted the new Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard accessories, which feature all sorts of new features.

I’m here to talk about this today. One of my favorite new features on the two new iPad Pro models (11″ and 13″). It’s a big development that could encourage many consumers to buy Apple’s next-generation tablet. But is it really worth it?

This is what I liked most about the iPad Pro

iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

The new iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard features some improvements

My favorite innovation in the 2024 iPad Pro series It could be none other than the OLED display. It really does make the tablet look more gorgeous than ever. Until now, previous generations of Apple’s iPad Pros have featured LCD (11″) and mini LED (12.9″) technology. With the entry of OLED display into the scene, screens are now more energy efficiency, greater contrast and purer blacks.

While OLED displays tend to be a bit less bright, Apple has managed to get it right. brightest OLED display on the marketThe company used a technology consisting of two OLED panels in Tandem, which combines the lighting of their pixels to provide more brightness. And as if that were not enough, Apple has also managed to reduce the thickness of its tablets, and now they only measure 0.51cm.

iPad Pro

OLED technology (left) and Tandem OLED technology (right)

But, Is the iPad Pro really worth buying for its OLED display? Personally, I have decided not to renew my iPad Pro (2018) despite the many advantages offered by OLED technology. I continue to use my iPad Pro every day and although I have not noticed any decrease in its performance in iPadOS 18, I think that: The OLED screen is not enough to make me buy a new iPad Pro.

This always depends on the needs of each user. If you’ve noticed any negative changes in your iPad’s performance with recent software updates, I recommend upgrading to the new iPad Pro with the M4 chip.. This is a great economic investment; you can buy the new iPad Pro starting at 1,199 euros. However, you should not forget that this is a device that will last at least 5 years of daily use.

Before I finish, I would like to add that I was very surprised by the new OLED display of the 2024 iPad Pro, I had the chance to test it and found it fascinating. The iPad Pro has never been more magnificent. But in my case, upgrading my old iPad Pro is not enough. What about you?

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