WhatsApp has been working on enabling the features for some time now Meta AIsuch as integrating a ChatGPT-like chatbot into the messaging app, are slowly seeing the light of day. The latest innovation isn’t meant to boost productivity, but to add a new flavor to each user’s profile on the platform.

As it turned out wabetainfoportal specializing in WhatsApp news and updates, the messaging app is starting to roll out the ability to create profile pictures using AI with user appearance. The feature, which is currently in development, is present in the settings of the application itself and consists of creating an image with a more attractive design, preserving the user’s appearance.

To do this, a person who wants to create a profile photo with AI will have to take different selfies, which Meta will save so that the design can be created later. After that, it will be necessary to access the chatbot integrated into the WhatsApp app and ask you to create an image with a specific descriptionFinally, you just have to wait for the AI ​​model to do its job and generate different projects.

The above mentioned portal states that the ability to create profile pictures using AI is an optional feature, meaning it will be disabled when it becomes available to everyone, and only the user will be able to manually activate it.


This is not the only AI-related news on WhatsApp.

That’s not the only AI-related news he’s working on. The Meta-owned app also plans to integrate a kind of chatbot that users can use to make various requests. Specifically, it will appear on the home screen, next to the write a new chat button. Of course, it will be powered by LlaMa 2, Meta’s language model that competes with ChatGPT and Gemini.

Currently, WhatsApp also allows you to use AI through third-party bots, such as one developed in Spain, which allows you to, among other things, transcribe voice notes into text, generate messages, and more.

Source: Hiper Textual

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