Several months after its launch, the Pixel 9 hasn’t stopped popping up online. Just a few hours ago, the Google terminal was spotted in a bright – and somewhat ostentatious – pink color, and now a new leaked video shows it again, but from all angles. As of today, it’s The best looking Pixel 9 we’ve ever hadWell, we can even see the front of the device and its screen when it’s on.

We get this idea thanks to a TikTok video posted by user @reparation_mobile23 that shows the Pixel 9. both from the back, from the front and from the sides. So the back has a bright pink finish with the signature Google Photos module, which undergoes a slight design change compared to its predecessor, as it will have much more rounded corners and will no longer occupy the edges.

The back of the Google Pixel 9 is paired with external aluminum frames of the same color but with a matte finish. They will also be completely flat. — very similar to the frames of the current iPhones — although Google will keep the corners rounded.


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♬ they are original – Repair_mobile23

The front panel, although not clearly visible, looks very thin. On the other hand, your screen will be flatwithout that slight curvature at the edges that we saw in previous models.

Pixel 9 Coming With Google AI, Apple Intelligence Alternative

Google AI

While we don’t know the details of the Pixel 9’s specifications, we do know that the device will be powered by Google’s AI. artificial intelligence toolkit which will house features already available in the current Pixel, such as the Circle to Find feature or Gemini, the company’s chatbot that competes with ChatGPT.

However, Google AI will have new AI features never seen before in Pixel. One of them is Pixel screenshotswhich will detect screenshots so that the user can access the data stored in them, such as a link or address, and make queries related to these screenshots.

Google will also launch a feature on the Pixel 9 called Add meto add a theme to your photos, as well as Studio, which apparently will let you create images or stickers using AI.

Google Announces Pixel 9 next August 13at a presentation where they will most likely also introduce the aforementioned AI package that will appear on their smartphones.

Source: Hiper Textual

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