When a few years have passed since the launch of an Apple product, the Cupertino company tends to divide them into two categories to let its users know that the device is new, no longer distributed, will soon stop receiving technical support, or has stopped receiving technical support. received it completely. One of these categories is vintage goodsthis is what Apple calls those products that They have not been sold in stores for more than 5 years and less than 7 years.and this year, 2024, three new devices have entered the list; and three very iconic ones.

In particular, Apple has begun to consider iPhone XHe HomePod first generation And AirPods first generation. These three devices were released between 2016 and 2016 and ceased distribution a few years later. In the case of the HomePod, the company decided to discontinue it due to low demand and in order to focus on other products – years later, Apple announced the HomePod mini.

iPhone the first iPhone to work without Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint unlocking system and AirPods, which came with the launch of the iPhone 7, have been updated several times.

Categories Apple assigns to its products

Apple iPhone X
The iPhone X’s gestures re-enable what major operating systems have tried in the past.

Both the first-generation HomePod and the iPhone However, those users who have one of these three products, They will be able to continue to receive Apple technical support for the next two years. as well as repair services in the event of a component failure or system malfunction, subject to the availability of spare parts.

We reiterate that Apple classifies its devices into four categories. First of all, new products and which are sold, such as the iPhone 15 and 14, MacBook Air with M3 or the new iPad Pro. The second category is. devices that are no longer officially distributed; for example, iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro. Then there is the category. vintage and finally, that obsolete products.

This last category means that the product is too old – 7 or more years have passed since its launch – to be repaired or supported, which practically forces the user to purchase a new device.

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