Buying a Xiaomi mobile phone through AliExpress or any other online import store can be a very good idea to save some money. However, these stores often offer discounts on Chinese versions; and although there is a way to install a global ROM of HyperOS or MIUI to be able to activate Google services, among other features, this may end soon.

Xiaomi may even ban your smartphone for this very reason if you decide to buy the Chinese version in order to get something cheaper. This was discovered by user X (Twitter), who claims that he is unable to install the global ROM on his Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 because a notification appears stating that “This software version is not compatible with your device”“.

Although the user does not provide more details about it, it seems that he is installing a ROM that is specific to this device. In fact, these types of installation packages can be easily obtained from Xiaomi forums, even the company’s smartphones allow you to install update packages manually, so the process is really simple.

Three Versions of Xiaomi Phones You Can Buy on AliExpress

So, everything points to Xiaomi starts blocking installation of global ROM on products with Chinese ROM. This does not mean that the smartphone is completely blocked. The user can always return to the Chinese version by simply rebooting the smartphone via the button that appears on the screen when the warning appears.

This is undoubtedly bad news for those users living in Europe who want to save money when buying a Xiaomi mobile phone.

In any case, and to avoid this problem, it is important check what type of ROM is included in the smartphone. In the case of Xiaomi, there are three options. On the one hand, the Chinese ROM option, intended for the Asian market and with significant limitations, such as the inability to use Google services. On the other hand, the Global ROM version, which is installed on mobile phones with Chinese ROM and includes, among other things, the ability to use Google services.

Third option global version. That is, the one that Xiaomi sells worldwide. This includes Google services and other functions implemented by Xiaomi itself. This is what we must purchase to avoid any problems.

Source: Hiper Textual

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