A man holding a OnePlus Nord 4.
Andy Boxall / DT

He OnePlus Nord 4 The most attractive Nord phone to date? It’s also undoubtedly the boldest, and the first to do something truly intriguing with these materials. The Nord 4 has a unique all-metal body, a way of building smartphones that has fallen by the wayside over the years as phones made from a mix of metal and glass have become more popular.

What does it mean to have a piece of metal? It refers to a single piece of metal that is machined to make up the entire body of the phone, rather than sandwiched between the screen and another material, like glass, on the back. The first thing you’ll notice is that the phone feels great in your hand. Because the curve of the case isn’t interrupted by the switch between materials, it’s completely smooth and has no unpleasant sharpness or ridges. Even the tiny antenna bands and plastic inserts that help with cellular and Wi-Fi reception are flush with the surface, and you won’t notice them to the touch.

The back of the OnePlus Nord 4 isn’t all metal, though, as the top camera module is glass and houses two cameras and two flashes. The model in our photos is in Mercurial Silver, and is also available in Obsidian Midnight Black. The metallic aluminum on the back has a classy two-tone look, as well as a very subtle ribbed texture. It’s a bit reflective, but still looks great and hasn’t picked up any fingerprints or smudges so far.

The ever-coveted OnePlus-designed notification slider sits on the top-left corner of the phone. It’s a bit awkward because it’s so high up on the body that it’s less fun to play with absentmindedly, but at least it’s there. On the other side is the power key and volume rocker, and on the base of the phone is the SIM tray, USB-C charging port, and speaker output.

The back of the OnePlus Nord 4.
Andy Boxall / DT

OnePlus Nord 4 follows OnePlus Nord CE 4 Liteannounced last month, and in OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R as devices the company will release in the busy year of 2024. OnePlus has announced a July 16 event where it will reveal all about the OnePlus Nord 4.

Source: Digital Trends

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