It can be when connecting the cable to charge a iPhone, you discover that the terminal is not doing its job properly. You might think that the smartphone is broken because it has been quite a fear for you. The truth is that what we are talking about happens in many cases because the port is dirty. And you can solve it without any problems—but with enough care.

In most cases, a small blow to the side of the charging port is sufficient to remove any dust or lint affecting the correct operation of the iPhone. And that way everything goes back to normal. But this may not be enough and therefore, it is necessary to resort to it. more specific options. These, if executed calmly and correctly, will not affect the stability of the mobile phone. Also, doing this from time to time is a good option when it comes to prevention.

How to clean iPhone charging port

Now that it’s summer and the terminal has been in use for a long time, it’s not a bad idea to clean the charging port where there is dirt or sand. care so that battery charging never fails.

First of all, it is important to take a few steps so that the risk is minimal. Therefore, for example, it is important turn off iPhone so that there is no risk in the operation of the terminal. then a eye control it’s essential to see concretely where the problem is and not be blindsided (don’t rule out using a magnifying glass to find the pin or hair that’s bothering you).

Lightning connection of an iPhone


Various options for getting rid of dirt

It is ideal to use a saucepan. compressed air, because it is the least aggressive option. These contain a small tube from which the contents come out, which you must plug into the charging port. Once this is done, press briefly but firmly a few times. Be sure to check for spaces where both air and dirt can escape.

By the way, don’t worry if you see liquid coming out. This is because the content is very cold and can change state during output when it is hot. The thing is, everything will evaporate almost automatically and does not affect the phone.

In the absence of compressed air, you can resort to slightly less complex options, for example; toothpick or tweezers. It is important to use roll paper at the end of these tools to avoid problems with tips when plugging into iPhone charging port. Cleaning movements should be slow so that the drag is complete and you can remove the dirt smoothly.

We’re terrified that if everything we’ve outlined doesn’t work, you’ll eventually have to take the Apple phone in for service. Technical support so that the problem that is definitely not caused by the contamination of the terminal connection is solved.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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