Augmented reality is one of the technological bets of the future, and that’s why many companies are sticking with it. An example is Facebook or Apple, but they are not the only ones. Without going any further, Xiaomi does the same, and this is confirmed by the announcement of a new accessory from the Asian firm.

The name of the product in question is as follows: Mijia Glasses Camera And yes, they are glasses that combine a large number of options. An example is that it does not have a camera with a resolution. 50MP and has an improved wide angle due to the use of Quad Bayer technology. It also has a second element that performs the optimization functions for the zoom, which reaches 15X in a hybrid way, as it is a periscopic type, devoid of optical stabilization.

With the ability to record quickly, this product sync with phones In a simple way, through an app that makes it possible to send everything done with them without undue hassle. And all this is best managed as Xiaomi’s new glasses feature an octa-core processor from Qualcomm (from the Snapdragon series) inside.

An integrated display in these Xiaomi glasses

this is gentle Micro OLED with optical prismprovides excellent efficiency with light – up to 60%-. In this item, it is possible to display information in great detail as it offers good resolution and also has low blue light certification so there is no visual fatigue.

The design of the new Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera glasses


By the way, a lot of attention was paid to everything on the subject. privacy. Thus, you can be sure that the data processed with this accessory will not be obtained by third parties (but, among other things, it has 32 GB of storage, which includes control options). Even when the camera is activated, a leds So everyone knows the camera is in use.

Functions offered by this accessory

Well, for now, the company itself has confirmed that it will be possible to realize it. translations in real time. And of course, all the possibilities that augmented reality currently offers will be used. An example of what we’ve said is being able to go somewhere and visualize what is shown in an advanced way (an example, zoos if they use this technology).

Obviously, more possibilities will increase with the use of OTA updates. So you won’t need to connect the Mijia Glasses Camera to a computer to achieve this (everything is sent directly from the phone). Also, Xiaomi is on partnership with other companies to increase the functions of this wearable.

Small details and price

One of the important aspects is that the new Xiaomi glasses are a 1,020mAh battery, so it is one of the best in existence in the autonomy department (includes magnetic charging). Also, its weight is 100 gramsthat’s why they are very comfortable to use because they have a very ergonomic design.

Mijia Glasses Camera reservations start on August 3, and you have to pay 2,699 yuan for them, which is in return 390 € (There is an introductory offer that allows the purchase to be made for only three hundred and sixty euros).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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