Market arrival Google Pixel 7 (and its Pro sibling) is no longer a secret. The Mountain View company recently mentioned them at its developer event. However, one of the things he did not say was the sales date of these smartphones. Well, this has been leaked.

had great doubts in this regard, some expect the terminals to be official at the end of August, while others have stated that Google is considering nothing less than in November. The truth is that if what was published was verified, neither one nor the other was true because the chosen moment is more or less in the middle of what we’ve said. Of course, we already announced that Apple’s iPhone 14 would be an option. buy before.

The day the new Pixel 7 can be purchased

According to the information revealed, Google has already determined the date for the sale of this terminal, which will come without any changes with the Android 13 operating system (which will be officially launched in September). This is this: thirteenth of october Therefore, we are talking about autumn, and if the way the company works is preserved, then the strong selling moment should be Christmas.

Google Pixel 7 rear camera


The regions where the new Google Pixel 7 will be initially available for purchase are not yet clear. As always outside the US, most Europeans will have their own units, such as Germany and France. Let’s see what will happen Spainwhere you can sometimes get smartphones of this company from the very first moment, and in others they are not even officially on sale.

Some known things about this smartphone

From the first time Google talked about this phone. There are few data known and given by authorities. An example is the use second generation Tensor processor from the company itself. This will be accompanied by memory options sufficient for the times: 8 and 12 GB of RAM and 128 and 256 gigabytes of storage. Also, the main camera seems to have a sensor. 50 megapixels which will help one more for wide angle and telephoto.

When it comes to prices, it seems that the Google Pixel 7 can be particularly aggressive in the market, which is good for users. so option basis priced around 650 euros, the Pro variant can go up to €850. They are not the cheapest on the market, but in the high range they are among those that, if everything that has been said about them, correlate quite well with their quality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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