The year is 2022 and for modern gamers there are hundreds of interesting, modern and beautiful games for every taste. If you want, take part in space emissions, fierce shootings in different parts of the world, train football players, grow corn on the field and much more.

However, mixed games are timeless. True diamonds that still glow brightly and attract players from all over the planet: for example, Counter attack or Earthquake 3. I’m silent about Unreal Tournament“Chervyakov” or the first Half-Life.

For those whose hearts beat a little more often from the above, I have great news. These games now play directly in the browser, at any time and on any computerbe it a fancy ultra-modern gaming station, a weak laptop or (like mine) MacBook Pro with M1 processor.

In short, today you can hack into these games:

πŸ”˜ Quake III Arena
πŸ”˜ Counter-Strike 1.6
πŸ”˜ Half-life
πŸ”˜ Hexen II
πŸ”˜ Diablo
πŸ”˜ Knox
πŸ”˜ Caesar III
πŸ”˜ King – Burden of the Crown
πŸ”˜ Starcraft
πŸ”˜ Small big adventure

I’ve been tested and it’s true: can be connected to any server of your choice along with friends of rocketjump in Kwak or representatives of terrorists on the map Assault in Contra, which is familiar to every corner.

Separately, I note that the ping is sane, you can not discuss about lags and Frisians.

Opponents of a sudden sudden explosion, and nothing interferes with aiming – everything is played smoothly and conveniently.

I remind you that any of the above games do not require keys, Steam installation, money or any specific computer.

Just click on the posilanna, go to the server and play. Don’t forget to connect your mouse, be sure πŸ™‚

Judging by the fact that all these games can be placed on a smartphone, using the same mobile Chrome. Just connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and play the full Quake 3 right on your smartphone. Perversion? Maybe. But don’t you want to try at least one ice rink?

Bonus. Windows 98 emulator with installed games

For such a desktop of my PC in childhood, I would give anything.

While I was looking for and checking the work of games from the list of games, I came across a separate project, from which the older cheekbones were not just brought down, but literally flattened: the natural Windows 98 desktop is loaded in the browser (or 95 if you prefer), which clearly revealed the programs and games of the time. Everything can be played and played.

Games are represented by products from the past such as Diablo, Command & Conquer 2: Red Alert, Hexen 2, Unreal Tournament and many more.


In general, enough words. Follow the links and make hard cuts in cult games.

My colleagues and I are already running to Kwaka with might and main, and we wish you the same. Just awesome.

Source: Iphones RU

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