One of the things Apple fans are always curious about is the new generation. iPhone if the price goes up too much. Usually the form tends to add something to each generation, and there are doubts about the new one coming in September. Yes, there is good news.

The published data is about the iPhone 14, which will be the official base model (it will be accompanied by three more, two from the Pro series, and this time there will be no mini version). And the truth is, if the published amounts are correct, with nothing to brag about, here’s what has been leaked. good news What does it have to do with the price of a smartphone?

The possible price that the iPhone 14 will have

It looks like this device will have the following features: Same price as iPhone 13 when was it released for sale. In other words, the cheapest option can be obtained for less than 800 Euros. That’s quite a reasonable number – he’s always talking about Apple – and the truth is, increase your sales be a valued option when renovating the terminal of the Cupertino company used by many users in a convenient way.

Using an Apple iPhone

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There are several reasons that pushed Apple to take this decision. One of these shrinking smartphone market and therefore, the firm has to adapt to the situation (without always losing a profit per terminal which makes it valid to date). Additionally, the hardware changes aren’t particularly significant on the iPhone 14 compared to the previous series, so it was incomprehensible There is a very significant price increase by buyers.

That’s yes, if everything we’ve commented is confirmed, it’s clear that the North American company would have done a great job purchasing the components for the terminal. At the moment, supply line it has experienced price increases in general, but it seems that Apple has managed to limit them. Remember that Tim Cook is an expert on these matters and he doesn’t seem to have lost his way.

Some improvements are expected in the terminal

Without major advances in processor and display on the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, everything points to a series of great news. Main RAM thus the performance is increased compared to the previous generation. In addition, it is more than possible for the integrated camera to make progress. top especially in low light conditions save video. But we will find out officially in September.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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