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Now you can also buy tickets for concerts and shows on Tiktok


TikTok continues to be a trendy social network, which means that its popularity continues to grow. In fact, from time to time they launch a new feature that surprises both the users joining their ranks on the platform and the competitors who have to catch up with the Chinese social network.

In recent weeks, we have seen many of these movements, including video games, which have been the latest so far. And that’s what TikTok can’t stand still and has just launched a new feature that will let you buy tickets for both concerts and shows. from the social network itself.

To do this, TikTok formed an alliance with Ticketmaster, which allowed them to quickly and securely offer tickets for various shows. lThe way it works is quite simple and, in fact, it can make the new integration a universal success among users..


What is Tik Tok?

It is content creators who will be able to add a Ticketmaster link to the videos they upload to these videos are shown to users, and in case of interest in attending such events, it will be enough to click on the attached link to start the purchase process.

In fact, when accessing the link, a new sale will be displayed, which acts like an integrated application in TikTok. This is, so to speak, a mini-application that will show all Ticketmaster details to users who want to buy those tickets.

The truth is that it seems like an easy way to get personalities like singers, bands, comedians, theater troupes or even sports teams to provide fans who are on TikTok with a quick and easy way to buy different tickets for these events.

Yes indeed at the moment the functionality is quite limited and only available for a few specific artists.: Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Usher and the Backstreet Boys. In the future, hopefully sooner or later, this feature will be made available to many other artists of all stripes.

TikTok covers a huge number of areas and, frankly, It’s pretty interesting to see how the rest of the social networks will have to compete with this Asian giant.. Now it remains to wait for a response, for example, from Instagram, which has been betting on a format similar to TikTok for some time.

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