iPhone 14 is just around the corner. And despite rumors of a price increase for the Pro line (it looks like the base model won’t go up), Apple hopes to sell a lot of its flagship terminals. Or at least so is the latest report in which they echo off MacRumors: Mansana this would increase the planned production of the iPhone 14 to meet demand.

This is an important change from the rumors that were expected in the middle of the year, especially motivated by the more than likely slowdown in the economy of many countries with the advent of autumn. However, everything seems to indicate that Apple is expecting high demand for the iPhone 14 compared to its initial forecasts. For this reason, he asked his suppliers to increase the production of the terminal by 5% more than originally planned.

According to Taiwan economic timec, Apple asked suppliers to increase the number of iPhone 14 up to 95 million unitsan increase of 5% compared with the company’s previous expectations of 90 million.

Another iPhone 14 Pro Max, the most expensive of the entire line

However, the most interesting thing in the report lies not so much in the increase in numbers, but in the model for which the indicated increase seemed to be focused: the iPhone 14 Pro Max, namely which is expected to be the most expensive of the entire range.

September is just around the corner and hence its introduction, mass production of the “iPhone 14” is expected to begin this August as suppliers ramped up component shipments in recent weeks.

Another issue to keep in mind is that the iPhone 14 lineup will be more unified than otherwise: two sizes 6.1 and 6.7 inches in the basic range and the Pro range, and only the latter will receive new chips and new camera improvements, leaving the base model with the current chip and more moderately priced compared to the Pro.

In any case, it’s still too early to know the differences between the two ranges, especially in terms of production materials and specifications, despite the fact that the rumors have been fairly constant in these months.

Source: Hiper Textual

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