Messi gives you a free month of MLS League Pass

Messi invites you to see him in action for free in the new season of MLS!

Lionel Messi joins Apple TV+ strategies to increase subscriber base

Since his arrival in the MLS League with Inter Miami, Messi has turned the league into an event that football fans will not want to miss. With the start of the season this year, the football star has become the face of football. A promotion offering a free month of MLS League Pass on Apple TV+ to attract new users.

An opportunity to enjoy free MLS streaming for a month via Apple TV+ was announced on Lionel Messi’s Instagram account. on air, The actor invites you to subscribe by April 5 using the link in his bio.

Messi invites fans to follow him in MLS

Apple TV makes it available to more than one person 100 countries are subscribing to MLS Season Pass 2024It will start on February 20 and end on October 19.

An MLS season pass usually costs $14.99 per month or $99 for the entire season. Apple TV+ subscribers get access to a discounted rate of $12.99 per month or $79 for the season. Additionally, club subscribers can get a free subscription. Subscriptions can be shared with up to six people via Apple Family Sharing.

Following the ten-year, million-dollar deal signed between Apple TV+ and Major League Soccer in 2022, this is the second year the service has offered streaming sports leagues. Pass provides worldwide access to all MLS regular season and playoff matchesbroadcast live and on-demand without regional interruptions or restrictions.

Despite the increase in the number of viewers, Apple is not satisfied and continues to implement strategies to reach more users. A few weeks ago, Apple TV+ started giving a free month of MLS to some users in the US.

Star shower in 2024

As if that wasn’t enough, in 2024 MLS will give fans the opportunity to see one of current football’s best duos in action. With The recent signing of striker Luis Suárez to Inter MiamiThus, we will be able to remember Messi’s old days in Barcelona.

The season has started and Apple TV+ continues to offer deals not to be missed Are you ready to take advantage of them?

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