From April to June, the AirBnB it has been used to book more than 104 million stays and “experiences” (such as tours and restaurant tastings). It is a result never before achieved by the platform, which finally returns to breathe post-pandemic.

But as these numbers testify, this is not just a return to normalcy. After more than two years of restrictions, consumers are taking top tourist destinations by storm. And then there’s the phenomenon of work smart, with more and more people choosing to use AirBnb – or similar platforms – to book extended stays. IT workers — and high-income professionals in general — are taking advantage of the new opportunities telecommuting offers to visit the world, in between calls on Zoom.

Company executives explained that most booked stays are longer than 7 days.

AirBnB explained that 2022 could be the most successful summer in its history. And if the economy were to explode, it doesn’t matter. This could be good news. “AirBnB was founded in the middle of a recession“Brian Chesky, CEO of the company, reminded investors. “We believe that in an unfavorable macroeconomic context, many people could look again athosting as an asset to have more revenue, which would translate into a huge opportunity for AirBnB”.

In the second quarter of 2022, bookings increased by 25% year-on-year. In the same period – thanks to the higher average prices – turnover increased by 58%. The main market remains North America, where bookings are up 37%. A performance significantly higher than the rest of the world. In Europe, growth is slowing down due to a variety of factors: from the uncertainty over energy prices – with many consumers worried about the risk of skyrocketing bills in the autumn – to the pound’s collapse, which is causing UK bookings ‘England.

Source: Lega Nerd

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