Apple has been offering a public beta program for several years now. Some versions, which are usually a little more polished than those offered to developers, so the company is logical. want to prevent the average consumer from installing the most unstable betas. How? He has forced closure of sites which offered developer betas to any user who dared to install them.

In fact, these websites, which previously offered direct downloads of beta installation files, they only offered developer profiles for a long timethe only step required today is to install these betas.

In this sense, one of the most famous websites for downloading iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS beta developer profiles has announced it is closing to avoid a legal dispute with Apple.

Thus, the only way users canwait for public beta releases or open a developer profile on the Apple portal. Finished installing with click developer profile and install betas on the first day.

Beta profiles, the most famous ones, say goodbye to the latest iOS 16 beta.

One of the first to announce the closure of the website was Beta Profiles, one of the most famous, which allowed you to install a developer profile with a single click straight from your iPhone or iPad. It is logical that most users who have installed developer profiles without being such, as well as the web itself, I knew they violated Apple’s terms.. So far, however, the company has looked the other way.

And considering that now only a signed profile is required, the move is even stranger, whereas before these websites allowed direct download of software thatue even though Apple verified its signature via iTunesyes, it can be more dangerous than with the current method.

With this step, the non-developer user will have to wait for Apple to launch the public beta or not. However, if you’re currently using the iOS 16 beta with a profile from any of these websites, don’t worry, everything will work as usual.

In the future, yes, everything will be a little more complicated.

Source: Hiper Textual

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