MVRDV in the Netherlands has published the latest date and presented the latest project “La Serre” (Orange) in Paris. This is a new type called “vertical village”. Extensive, no compact placement between the world’s small residential structures and common facilities.

Structurally, it is an 18-step, highly detailed steel frame. Some cells contain apartments and terraces. At least 3000 km. – an open space that is exposed to all weather influences. Price 25%, number of people remaining on the balcony 15%. sq.m. open area for each tenant.

La Serre

The project prepares 390 places and has 338 places. In addition, the entire façade will be decorated with ridges of wild plants. 150 species have been selected, sorted according to their needs for sunlight, volume of land, water, etc., they will be placed in accordance with these requirements of mine. These days, the use of tools and weapons is for bats.

La Serre

It is expected that the premises will have a wastewater treatment system for watering plants. The only thing you need to do is command professional gardeners. The structure should become a decoration of the city, an alternative parks and public gardens, since it does not occupy expensive land. The project is planned to be launched in 2026.

La Serre

Source: Tech Cult

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