It is one of the important innovations that comes with iPhone 14 Possibility of using satellite connection from terminals of the North American company. We tell you exactly how this option works and what functions it has – at least when it is officially implemented on Apple equipment.

It is very important that this possibility be open. available on both iPhone 14 and Pro model, so Apple considers it essential on all its phones from now on. In addition, the firm of the bitten apple was not the first to offer this option, as it recently featured as the first to offer satellite connectivity in its terminals with the Huawei Mate 50.

What function does the satellite link have on the iPhone 14?

Well, basically serving as an option emergency Where there is no access to WiFi or traditional mobile data. With satellite connection, distress messages can be sent in case of loss or accident. For Apple itself to work properly open view to the sky (If so, the sent text message will arrive in a maximum of 15 seconds, otherwise it may take up to a minute).

When it is decided to send a message over this connection with the iPhone 14, the terminal will will generate a few questions to know the exact situation so that the emergency services know what is going on and send the appropriate data. If one of them is nearby, the notification comes directly, otherwise a hub is used.

Urgent questions on iPhone 14


That’s why we’re talking about a service designed for when you have a problem, not for voice calls and talk to others when you don’t have traditional coverage. And this is very important to keep in mind.

Simple and access to satellites

This is something that has always been characteristic of Apple products and this time it is no different. To find out if you have access to a satellite with your iPhone 14 integrated application This lets you visually know if you have a connection via an animation that will turn green if you can send the message.

Satellite coverage on iPhone 14


In addition, the company has integrated this functionality with other included functions, such as the Find (or Search) application. Like this, position posted to emergency services so they know exactly where to go. This, combined with the company’s new crash detection built into its smartphones, makes carrying one in your pocket life insurance.

Is it a free service?

This is bad news as the answer is no. if any two years free as a promotion when buying an iPhone 14, but then you have to pay In order to continue using Globalstar satellites (a company with which Apple has an employment contract) -currently undisclosed-price.

At the launch of the iPhone 14, the satellite link will be active right now. USA and Canadaand we’ll have to wait for the company to announce its expansion to other regions – something unknown for how long – to be offered.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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