l’railway infrastructure it is difficult and expensive to upgrade, mainly because of the need to reduce emissions. THE trains they are mainly fed to diesel, resulting in harm to the environment. But the rise in fuel prices and the noise of vehicles also make it necessary to look for a solution. For example, the trains are powered by hydrogen.

In Germany A railway line was commissioned on which 14 hydrogen trains from the French company run Alstom. With a single tank you have a range of 1000 km. The annual saving, according to the production company, is equal to 4000 tons of CO2.

Replacing hydrogen trains that a diesel moving along the railway near Hamburg. Over there maximum attainable speedSince the normal one on the route is between 80 and 120 km/h, it is about 140 km/h. A petrol station for trains has already been installed on the route.

Alstom has estimated that to 3,000 diesel trains can be replaced by hydrogen and that this could be an emission-free solution for railway lines that still use diesel in Germany.

The potential of these trains has also been tested in other parts of Europe, but also Russia And China they started experimenting with using hydrogen to power trains and trams.

At the moment the stumbling block is the production of hydrogen which is produced in the most economical way from fossil sources.

Source: Lega Nerd

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