Apple Pay takes flight. In 2022, the service became more than 6 trillion transactions – reveals a study from TrendingPlatforms. Based on these numbers, Apple Pay has already crossed the Mastercard payment circuit and is on track to overtake VISA. Obviously we are talking about the number of payments and not the absolute value of the transactions.

“Apple Pay is fast becoming the most widely used payment method for more and more consumers and businesses,” said Edith Reads of TrendingPlatforms. “The fact that it has processed more transactions than MasterCard it is a clear sign of its popularity”. But now the challenge lies with VISA, which still dominates the world rankings. TrendingPlatforms expects this trend to continue uninterrupted for the foreseeable future.

Apple Pay is not yet available in all countries, but the list of supported markets is growing rapidly: in 2021 Apple brought the service to Colombia, Israel and Mexico. Apple is also in talks to bring the service to Korea through a commercial agreement with Hyundai.

Not only. Apple has also been working with public transport companies for several years: with Apple Pay, tickets can be bought in several European and American cities. The controller only shows the phone.

Source: Lega Nerd

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