One of the things you don’t like about owning a pet is when you have to refill the water and food bowl. Fortunately, there are accessories that allow you to automate this very effectively, and Xiaomi announced that the models it has just put on the market have arrived in Spain.

Both devices have one feature that makes them very useful: they can be controlled from phones and tablets. To achieve this, simply install the application Xiaomi Home. And it includes everything you need to communicate wirelessly. This allows you to make changes from anywhere or check if everything is going as it should.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

This accessory acts as a fountain, which is very important when you have a pet because ideally it has constant access to water. With a very quiet operation, water is automatically renewed from its two-liter reserve every time the dog or cat consumes, so that they do not experience health problems. filtered four layers.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain Drinker


Another feature of this Xiaomi accessory is that it sends notifications when the device runs out of water or when the drain source needs to be cleaned (or even when the filter needs to be changed). Therefore, we are talking about a basic use element with dimensions of 191 x 191 x 177 millimeters and that offers excellent performance despite only consuming 5.9W. its price 79,99 € and from today you can get it in Spain.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder

If drinking is important to dogs and cats, food is just as important. With this accessory, you will be able to control both the amount your pet needs and the hours you think it should eat. The distribution system, which consists of a piece with six grates and a knife that allows handling of all kinds of food, ensures that there is no jamming. It even has a rattling sound to let you know you have food in your bowl.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder


With the possibility to source solid food or schedule service wherever you are, you will be notified when the meal is finished (can contain up to 1.8kg of dry food to go). regular distribution) and has a very interesting finish that ensures that moisture does not affect the quality of pet food. Consuming barely 5.9W and having dimensions of 311 × 180 × 387 millimeters, this accessory helps a lot, priced at 129.99 euros and is on sale in Spain today.

An important detail is that special promotion With the launch -Early Bird-, it is possible to get both products at Xiaomi’s own stores and El Corte Inglés at a final cost of 159.99 euros. There is nothing bad.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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