Apple’s machines don’t stand still, despite having just introduced them a few days ago. iPhone 14 and also updated the range of its smartwatches and wireless earbuds. The truth is, some plans were known that the firm has for its future processors, which are key in its phones and computers.

published data, some technical improvements It will translate into advances in many areas that are vital in routine use devices, such as performance or autonomy. The truth is, if what has been said is confirmed, the prospects are good as we wait for Apple to decide for itself how the hardware we’re talking about will be implemented.

Processors that will make iPhones and Macs better

The main reason we say this is that both the new M3 and A17 processors will use chip manufacturing technology. three nanometers (N3E). This is a significant qualitative leap from the fact that, among other things, a larger number of transistors can be included. Therefore, we are talking about a boost without the need for increased frequency of work, for example, which has a positive effect on energy needs.

A green and black PCB image


Even temperature control is much betterThis means less need for cooling systems (which opens the door to hitherto unthinkable design changes due to lack of space and therefore available heat). Therefore, it is quite clear that there are significant improvements in the next generation of Apple computers and smartphones, which somewhat compensate for what happened, for example, in the iPhone 14.

What is expected for 2023?

Assuming Apple will use some of its second-generation manufacturing equipment in the three-nanometer area. TSMC, the processor supplier is expected to continue its commitment to include new SoCs only in the iPhone 15 Pro, and only the most powerful MacBooks will have M3 chips with N3E. Therefore, we are not talking about global use, as this will have very significant cost implications.

Meanwhile, the launch of new iPad Pro tablets that will use M2 (5nm) processors is expected soon, and in addition, the most basic models to keep their prices competitive in today’s market are expected to include the Apple A14. So it seems pretty obvious that it exists a big gap between different generations Apple devices – iPhones or MacBooks – are much higher than they were just a few years ago.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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