Autonomy is something that drives users crazy, especially if you have a terminal without a highly charged battery. An example of what we are saying is the iPhone. Those who own one try to save as much of the milliamps they have as possible. Well it was hand in hand view the tactile response of the keyboard is known iOS 16 there may be a problem here.

Enabling this option directly affects the life expectancy that the terminal with the new Apple operating system offers for smartphones. extra consumption each time a key is pressed. Individual energy expenditure isn’t huge, but cumulative throughout the day may mean you need to look for a plug sooner than you’d like. So, this may inevitably cause some not to use this innovation for iPhone.

Apple warned about this

In this case, it is not users who complain, unlike others that affect potential problems. The Cupertino company itself is the company that states in a report that the iOS 16 haptic keyboard affects energy consumption. Therefore, we are talking about something official and that makes sense anywhere in the world: anything done in a terminal needs energy, and the enhanced vibration we’re talking about is no exception.

The screen of the Apple iPhone 13


What this consumption means is not communicated, so every user will need to check If having this function enabled means that the user experience with iOS 16 is not what you expect and therefore it pays you to enjoy the relevant effect, or better still, keep disabling it to save more time. iPhone. It’s a matter of priority.

How to disable tactile keyboard in iOS 16

If this is something you want to do to get the most out of your Apple iPhone’s battery, here’s what you should do Settings of the terminal and once there, enter the section sound and vibrations. You should find the one mentioned among the options you will see on the screen. keyboard response and in it, disable the option named Vibration. Once this is done the haptic response will not be executed and you will be able to save energy when you need it. Obviously, you can enable this function by following the same steps mentioned above.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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