One of the brands that has more and more followers in Spain every day. A LITTLE. This is due to the fact that this Xiaomi design offers very striking terminals, among other things they offer a very good quality / price ratio. And according to what is known, the firm has already prepared a new team with a few details known.

The terminal in question was not seen for the first time, but this time it did so in such a way that, approved that the company is very close to presenting the new POCO X5 5G (as expected, it will have a Pro variant with some improvements to the camera and possibly RAM). Therefore, the current course of action will be preserved.

What makes it clear that the phone will be a reality and will be released both in China and globally (Spain will not be missing), it has been found necessary in the IMEI establishment. smartphone to reach the market with its corresponding number (unique and non-transferable). It has been seen here that the codename of the device will be ‘redwood’ and there is a numbering in the following code: 22101320 (where the first three pairs of numbers indicate the next day). 13 October 2022 when the phone is fully manufactured).

POCO X5 5G smartphone display


What is known about the new POCO X5 5G

Apart from the connectivity included in its name, which is already a positive thing, it is believed that this model will feature a screen. LCD and not AMOLED; in order to set the price to the maximum. This will have Full HD+ resolution, which is nothing new, but will use a frequency. 120HzIt will increase your attractiveness. As for the dimensions, the logical thing is that they are 6.6 inches, which will make the device’s battery reach. 5,000mAh without difficulty.

On the other hand, the processor specified in the source of the information that the new POCO model will have, Snapdragon 778G+ from Qualcomm. This is, in principle, an eight-core component that will put aside enough power to be satisfied when running any type of application, including games. However, yes, don’t expect extreme performance. What does it have to do with RAM, you have to bet on it. 6GB eight in the base version and possibly the aforementioned version.

What could the price be?

Well, given the company’s history, it’s normal to find some amount to be aggressive to make things tough for competition like realme. Therefore, it is logical to think that this model, which will come with a 64MP camera with a few additional sensors on the back, will be better. Between 300 and 350 euros. If so, it’s possible that the POCO X5 5G will be the best-selling model at Christmas.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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