Pre-release speculation iPhone 14 Plus would be called iPhone 14 Max proven in practice. Code from Apple’s own website revealed the change in the name of the new smartphone.

The company’s support page, where the user can identify the phone model himself, is where the name is most easily seen. When finding and downloading the iPhone 14 Plus image on the page, the dialog box shows “iphone-14-max” as the filename by default.

When did the change occur?

Further references to the name “iPhone 14 Max” can be found in Safari’s developer mode by looking at the code on the pages. They are found in image files and image alt tags. You can find much more by typing “iPhone 14 Max” in the developer view.

It’s hard to say exactly when Apple decided to rename the phone, as the phone’s first christening often appears in images. It may be a belated change, according to the Dutch magazine. iCrate.

In Brazil, the iPhone 14 Plus has a starting price of R$8,599 on a 128GB device. Apple should begin pre-sales of the smartphone and other mobile phones in the iPhone 14 family in the country on Friday, October 7 of next week.

Source: Tec Mundo

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