cell phone battery It is one of the most worrying aspects for those who use the device mainly as a work tool.

From screen brightness to letting unnecessary features runthere are several battery enemies that act daily on the mobile. But the good news is that there are several ways to fix this problem as well.

Today TecMundo offers 11 tips to save your cell phone battery in daily use. Payment!

1. Dark mode in apps and system

Few years ago, dark mode or night mode -, has become a standard among applications. Although many think that its main function is to reduce the screen brightness and cause less discomfort to the eyes of the users, in fact, the main purpose is precisely to save energy when using applications.

This is because the mod “turns off” the backlight, leaving the brightness only on the necessary elements. For example, in the example of Instagram, the white background is changed to a dull black screen where only the main modules such as photos, buttons and comments get light.

2. Reduced screen brightness

The most famous battery saving feature is still valid. Reducing the screen brightness of your smartphone is one of the main alternatives to save battery. Especially in low-light environments where it is possible to use the device at the lowest intensity level.

Keep the brightness of your mobile phone low.

3. Fewer open apps

We adopt more and more apps for our daily routine. The problem is not using too much software, but keeping it open when not in use. This tradition can be a great enemy of your battery health.

Avoid leaving apps open

Therefore, always include shutdown practices in your routine. For example, if you’ve read all your emails, there’s no reason to keep the software open. Turn it off and turn it back on when you get more messages.

4. No unnecessary notification

Today, almost all software has a notification feature. However, a few of them should always send alerts to the user, especially since these alerts also consume their device’s energy.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

Prioritize notifications only for apps that need alerts.

For an email service, it pays to be notified every time a new message arrives. But in a casual game, there is no need to always be alerted about promotions or other trivial game-related warnings.

5. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

Another old but always functional feature is to turn off automatic connection via Bluetooth. This is because when enabled, the device always searches for another device to perform pairing. This search consumes a lot of battery and is quite unnecessaryYou can enable it again later.

Leave Bluetooth on only when using

6. Re-evaluate apps that use your real-time location

Another common feature in existing apps is to always want your location to be on. Allow this option only if the resource is very necessary. Like in map apps, races or something like that.

Disable the location of apps that don't need the feature

7. Disable automatic software update

This tip is for two, because by disabling this option you will not only save battery but also save mobile data if updating over this network is enabled.

Always disable background updates

please note this you can do it manually whenever you want.

8. Turn off vibrate

Using the mobile phone in silent mode is a very common practice these days. To avoid inconvenience or avoid calls with constant notification sounds.

But this “silence” can be the enemy of your mobile phone battery, as the constant vibration of the device also consumes a lot of energy.

Turn off vibrate

So the ideal is to leave it in silent mode whenever possible, but with the vibrate feature turned off.

9. Use battery saver mode

Unique to almost all mobile phones, the battery saver mode automatically reduces a number of device functions to conserve its energy.

Although many people only use it when the percentage is already low, you can activate the function at any timeAiming at moderate use of resources.

Power Saver Feature on iPhone

10. Use Airplane Mode more often

Those who think that airplane mode should only be used in airplanes are wrong. It is a feature that disables the data network and mobile network connection, making it impossible for the user to connect to the internet and receive calls.

Activate Movo Airplane when needed

The tip is to use the function when there is no connection available at your location to save your battery. After all, constantly searching for a new connection to the mobile network consumes a lot of energy.

11. Caring for your battery

The last tip is the most important: to prevent your cell phone battery from draining faster than usual, It is necessary to pay attention to this from the first contact with the device.. To do this, follow the most important precautions:

  • whenever possible try to charge the device only when the battery is completely dead or at very low levels;
  • avoid using non-original chargers and accessories for the device;
  • When the mobile phone is very hot, turn it off until the temperature returns to normal.

Now that you have learned a series of tips for reducing consumption, use them daily to conserve your device’s energy and not have it at hand when you need it most.

Source: Tec Mundo

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