High demand for iPhone 14 Pro drives record revenue

Apple is breaking sales records with the Pro and Pro Max models, but the slow start is already evident for the regular models, according to CNBC.

by Eduardo Savín for iPhone

Demand for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro has been recurring news these days. already hThere are several analysts talking about failures in sales. success of one model and success of another. The truth is, Apple has yet again set some revenue records.

This is because the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be selling much better than expected. Apple maintains a positive outlook for the current quarterdespite global unknowns such as ongoing supply problems and global inflation.

iPhone 14 Pro and sales record

Now it was the CNBC website talking about it. iPhone 14 Pro may have revenue record for the fourth quarter of the year, around Christmas time. Your source? Foxconn, one of Apple’s main suppliers:

Sale iPhone 14 Pro

Even the simplest users prefer the iPhone 14 Pro.

Foxconn said its September revenue reached New Taiwan dollars 822.3 billion ($25.9 billion), up 40.4 percent year on year, up 83.2% from the company’s monthly sales record in August. This massive revenue growth was supported by the strong performance of its smart consumer electronics division, which includes a “smooth new product launch and mass production” and core smartphone business.

Despite monthly sales records and good forecasts, Apple remains ‘cautiously positive’. This is because the effects of the pandemic continue to affect supply chains, and inflation is pushing prices up in many major markets.

What about the iPhone 14? CNBC has confirmed that this model is off to a much slower start than expected. This new report did not mention the increase in production of the 14 Pro and the cancellation of the 14’s expansion plans.

What Foxconn is talking about probable reason why users abandon regular models for professionals:

The base model iPhone 14 has a fairly consistent theme in its reviews: it’s not good enough to justify paying $100 more compared to the iPhone 13. Even thanks to this price increase, the Pro and Pro Max models have become cheaper. The main attraction for all users, even those who want something basic.

what is true is Apple got off to a somewhat surprising start to 14th generation sales. On the one hand, there is the success of the Pro models, which fascinate users with their innovations. While the regular models have had enough trouble, let’s see what Apple has plans for the Christmas season.

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