These cases confirm the awesome redesign of the entry iPad

Shortly before the launch, the most anticipated changes to the iPad have been confirmed!

These cases confirm the awesome redesign of the entry iPad
by Gabriela Martinez on iPad

A few leaks await the presentation of the tenth-generation iPad and the iPad Pro later this year, assuring it. entry model will undergo a major redesign and will have flat bezels like the rest of the iPad lineup. This will make it compatible with the second generation Apple Pencil. We will also have USB-C instead of Lightning in the bottom area.

Only a few CAD files have so far supported the claim, but The recently released cases for the 10th generation iPads in Japan leave no doubt about these changes. And of course, the imminence of the launch of the next generation of the most popular tablets on the market.

The tenth-generation iPad will have a more modern look

These cases confirm the awesome redesign of the entry iPad

First accessories for 10th-gen iPad appear on Amazon

Information regarding the availability of these accessories first started circulating on the Japanese MacOtaraka website. According to this source, ESR accessories has added new cases for the 10th generation iPad to its Amazon Japan store website.

ESR notes in product description new cases are not compatible with older models of base iPadapproves the new design.

Based on previously leaked concepts and data regarding this redesign, new cases have a larger section for the camera moduleSimilar to iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 5.

One of the cases attaches to the iPad magnetically, while the other is more durable. New Power Button with Touch ID and side cutouts for Apple Pencil magnetic chargershows that this iPad will have the same design as the most modern iPad.

For users of other iPad models, this redesign is nothing new, but for those who have been waiting for a long time, it is a significant change. it’s a more affordable iPad, but with a much more modern look.

This means updating without taking into account their internal capacity. A14 Bionic chipNearly 30% faster than the A13 chip powering the 9th generation iPad, better cameras, port The debut of USB-C and 5G technology.

While many analysts were waiting for Apple to hold an event to promote iPads and Macs, the likelihood of this happening has been stronger recently. Via press releases in October.

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