After a first look at the company itself during I/O 2022 and after weeks of rumors, Google Pixel 7 officially unveiled. Mountain View has revealed all the details about this new high-end smartphone, which, apart from the Pixel 6 update announced last year, aims to deal with those high-end mobiles that do not exceed 900 euros. The new Pixel, in particular, kept the price of its predecessor but added important improvements in most sections.

One of the novelties of this Pixel 7 that we already knew about is its design. Google opted for a continuous aesthetic, keeping that shiny glass back and that photographic module that stretches from edge to edge. It changes, yes, in some ways. Now the camera has a glossy finish. in a completely different tone than the one we see on the backand there are new colors: a white shade called Snow, a greenish color called Verde Lime, and a classic black that Google called Obsidian.

The front of the Pixel 7, which we had little to no data on until now, is also getting some changes from the Pixel 6. Google ensures that the bezels are now narrower. However, he keeps the screen 6.3 inches with Full HD+ resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. According to the company, the panel is, yes, 25% brighter.

Google Pixel 7 debuts with a new processor: not only more powerful, but also smarter

Google, on the other hand, has chosen a new processor for this Pixel 7. This is Tensioner G2, the second generation of its own chip, allowing this model, like its older brother, to offer higher performance not only in terms of power but also in terms of safety, thanks to the combination of the Titan M2 chip, and above all about the photo section. But let’s take it step by step.

One of the most interesting features offered by Tensor G2 in the Google Pixel 7 has to do with machine learning and in particular with speech recognition. Google’s new smartphone is capable of, for example, finding emoticons with a brief description of them, or converting audio messages that the user receives into text. In a future update, the Pixel 7 will also be able to eliminate annoying traffic, construction or wind noise, among other things, that we hear when making a call.

The Pixel 7, on the other hand, has some extra security-related features. One of them is the ability to unlock the terminal by face recognition. It supports, yes, an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The smartphone also has Integrated VPNwhich will be available later this year, the company confirmed.

Same cameras but better


Google Pixel 7 supports a dual camera with a configuration identical to last year’s model. Thus we find 12MP main sensor. The same as we see in the Pixel 6. It also includes a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. However, the results of both cameras are better not only thanks to the Tensor G2, but also to Google’s software advances.

One of the major innovations promising to improve photographic results is Photo Sharpness. This, thanks to machine learning, can improve those photos that are blurry. It even allows you to improve the manual adjustment of those areas where the camera did not focus correctly or where it processed some noise. Moreover, a new way digital zoom up to 30x. On the other hand, even though the Pixel 7 doesn’t have a telephoto lens, Google guarantees that you can take 2x crop photos with similar quality to what would be obtained with an optical zoom.

Google has also retained some of the most important features of its Pixel cameras, such as the ability to remove unwanted objects or elements in photos, or an algorithm that allows the camera to interpret different skin tones to reproduce them as faithfully as possible.

Google did what no other manufacturer did in 2022: kept the price down

Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 will be available from next October 13 in the company’s online store, as well as from the main official distributors. Among them is Amazon. It’s price €649 for single version 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

That’s for sure, same starting price as Google Pixel 6.. That wouldn’t have been good news a year ago, but seeing how other manufacturers have increased the cost of their devices after the announcement of the new generation, Google really appreciates it.

Source: Hiper Textual

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