this Pixel Watch it was presented yesterday and the fact is that it leaves a good taste in the mouth considering it is the first Google model in this market segment. It comes with significant success in design, but with some. absence this should be fixed. One of them does not have fall detectionIt’s something the Mountain View company is known to fix soon.

This function is a alarmincluding a possible emergency call, if a drop is detected and no action is taken for a while, its usefulness is indisputable, and therefore it was strange that it was not part of the Pixel Watch from the moment it was advertised (weather and knowledge of the existence of this function plenty everything must be said in the company).

Google is working to fix this

That’s good news, as those from Mountain View have made it clear that the option we’re talking about will now be part of the Pixel Watch. little time. So, it’s obviously working to fix the bug, but no need to wait until the smartwatch will be available the month after it goes on sale. Of course, it won’t take long to benefit from fall detection, according to the information available.

Pixel Watch screen


As posted on the new smartwatch’s official support page, this winter will be the time when the functionality will be added, meaning the integrated hardware offers everything needed to achieve this. The normal thing is, therefore, early 2023 The new function is a fact and as such it is equal to the Apple Watch.

An SOS function for Pixel Watch

This is something that should be known because this option is available in the model we mentioned that will be a part of the smart watch. But yes, its operation is manual. When using it, local emergency services, if set up at the terminal, or, if not, trusted contacts are quickly established.

The way to perform this action is quite simple and not easily forgotten: press the crown five times in succession this is included with the Pixel Watch itself. That’s why an SOS option is included in case there is a problem, and that’s always positive. Currently, the Google smartwatch can be booked in two versions (one with WiFi and one with LTE) with a sale date of October 13. Therefore, there is not much left.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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