One of Apple’s most controversial products, without a doubt, air power. We talked about the multi-charger and the fact that the company is delaying the release of this equipment due to overheating issues until it is finally canceled.

A while ago we echoed a rumor that the project was not completely buried. And although we haven’t heard more about this product since then, we can now see how it works.

The YouTube channels Apple Demo and Unbox Therapy teamed up to show us a p showAirPower multicharger rototype In full working order. A product that was announced with the iPhone X and promises a lot. More after watching the video of this gadget.

This was Apple’s AirPower. Will one day see the light?

To begin with, itYouTube channels Apple Demo and Unbox Therapy used a prototype AirPower with a coil on the bottom to charge the three devices. The most curious thing is the clear warning in the instructions and how to use this device without damaging the unit or harming yourself due to overheating problems.

first thing Turn on AirPower using the MacBook Pro’s USB Type-C port With an original Lightning to USB Type-C Cable adapter as this is one of the recommendations to be able to use this equipment.

In this case no outer shell, so we can see how it works. Of course you can’t touch it as you will get a strong electric shock (no joke). The Apple Demo warns that only Apple devices, preferably only iPhone X or AirPods models, should be charged in AirPower.

So this prototype cannot charge any Apple Watch models or newer devices with MagSafe magnetic charging. Y It’s also not a good idea to use AirPower to charge an iPhone from the “Max” range as it can overheat.

to give an idea about The problems of this prototype are, Apple also does not recommend leaving the AirPower plugged in for more than a minute as it can overheat. After the minute has passed, the unit should be allowed to cool for approximately five minutes before being used again.

If you follow the instructions, you can use it. air power to charge devices. Unbox Therapy places an iPhone X in the corner of the mat and it works flawlessly, so it’s clear that the product is functional. But it got too hot…

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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