Finnish Agriculture Investigators Precise This is a new weed negotiator that has replaced herbicides. The main advantage of “Foamstream” is that it is made on the basis of biological components that decompose safely after application and do not harm nature, like herbicides.

The ‘foamstream principle’ is based on high temperature weed control – basically a method not new, but costly. Now British physicists are measuring foam that contains enough lobes to guarantee lines.

foam jet

Foam is formed from vegetable oils and fats, it is characterized by boiling water, especially before spraying, and then simply dries, turning into a kind of fertilizer. The Greek mediums had a “foamstream” treatment of some olive rh, x tsb was mustard. In parallel, they use mulching, detecting weeds and treating them with pelargonic acid and glyphosate – the first manifestation of the second herbicide, synthetic.

For experiments, it was used that “Foamstrim” is 81-96% more effective than any other types of fights. Its performance turned out to be almost as high as hphosate, however, the last hhh t h h However, talking about water in the new medium market is not plants.

Source: Tech Cult

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