One of the things that is believed to be impossible to avoid is that the smartphone you are using is listening to you. However, in reality, this is not so. There are different possibilities to achieve this on terminals using the operating system. Androidand we will show you what we believe is the most effective because it is direct and simple.

Basically, what we would recommend is this: remove the permission an app has to access the microphone the way the phone has, the way developments like Google use it, is to listen without you knowing. If you do this you will increase your privacy significantly, something you should keep in mind because sometimes it is not given due attention.

Disable microphone access on your Android device

Let’s take the application as an example Google -and by extension his assistant- is one of the most listened to. But obviously, the steps you’ll find below can be used with any of them. other development you upload (like Facebook or Twitter). What you can be sure of is that it will stop listening to the respective app. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your Terminal’s Settings, the fastest way is to click the gear-shaped icon among the apps you have installed.
  • Search for the Google section among the options you will see on the screen and after you find it, enter it as usual.
  • Find and click on the section called Permissions at the top of the screen. You will see all the options available on Android, but it’s the Microphone that interests you. Access its settings and now all you have to do is select Don’t Allow.
  • Once this is done, Google will not be able to access certain hardware and therefore will not be able to listen with the microphone of the phone you have with Android. you’re done.
girl using android phone


There are other possibilities that are effective, such as disabling the Google assistant available on Android. However, when we consider making more benefits globally and with other apps, we believe that the most effective thing is to remove the relevant permissions. Like this, pretty simple and risk free, you are in control of the applications that can use it. Obviously, the Phone or WhatsApp app should always be enabled for it to work optimally.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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