One of the most amazing Apple products long-awaited Mixed reality glasses combining VR and AR. We already know some details as its launch could be delayed to 2023. And now, new information has been published about this curious device.

And Apple has filed a new patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) regarding the payload of these mysterious mixed reality glasses. Thanks to this we know How does charging Apple Glass work?

Discovered by the folks at Patently Apple, this patent talks about a head-mounted display system that can be charged wirelessly via inductive coils located on either side of the computer.

Apple Glass will have wireless charging

In this way andApple’s goal is to offer a magnetic charging system that simplifies the process.. To do this, each of the headphones located on the sides will have receiver coils that will be responsible for charging the equipment. Also, Apple explains two different charging modes.

On the one hand, A wireless charging pad specially designed for this device can be used.. The patent states that “the head-mounted display and power supply device are collaboratively configured to align the transmit coil,” making it easy for the user to place the device on its base.

And the most interesting is the second method, because as reported by Apple, You can charge your mixed reality glasses while using them in the purest MagSafe style.. It should be noted that we are facing a recently accepted patent, but this does not mean that this will be the charging system that these mixed reality glasses Apple is working on.

But the truth is, it all makes sense in the world. Earlier rumors suggest that these glasses will feature MiniLED panels, so the energy consumption will be remarkable. Since the Cupertino-based firm doesn’t want its device to be too heavy, they will have opted for a wireless charging system that lets you use Apple Glass while charging to compensate for a mid-size battery.

By release date, Different rumors suggest that Apple may offer its virtual reality glasses later this year, although there is a possibility of delaying its launch to 2023.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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