When Steve Jobs introduced iphone in 2007, she made a real revolution in the world of mobile phones. Compared to today’s standards, the technology behind Apple’s first smartphone is very primitive; but for the time, it meant a dramatic leap, as well as a paradigm shift for what had previously been considered a smartphone. Therefore, it is not surprising that he became the object of desire of fans and enthusiasts. willing to pay juicy sums to keep the device in good condition or in working condition.

The way it is, An original sealed-box iPhone was sold at auction yesterday for a staggering $39,339.60.. Yes, almost $40,000 for a 15-year-old cell phone that has never been taken out of its original packaging. Without a doubt, a dream come true for a collector with deep pockets.

The auction was held by LCG Auctions and lasted from September 30 to October 16. The iPhone for sale had 8 GB of storage and was presented in “exceptional condition.” According to the auction house, the original packaging was virtually flawless on the surfaces and edges, as well as on the labels on the back of the box. “Collectors and investors could not find a better example. Its relevance and rarity make up the formula for the success of this popular collectible,” they said.

The original iPhone, a technological icon highly coveted by collectors

Photo: LCG auctions

The starting price for this lot was $2,500, although as the closing date of the auction approached, it began to rise significantly. Yesterday, in fact, 13 out of 28 offers were made by potential buyers. So it jumped from $11,491 to over 39,000 finals in the last five hours available. What’s more, the final figure beat the second best offer by just over $6,500.

The price paid is impressive, because it far exceeds the retail price of not only the original iPhone, but also its most modern modifications. In 2007, an 8 GB version of Apple’s smartphone sold in the US for $599; about 860 current dollars. That is $39,339.60 will let you buy 45.7 iPhones at their original price. adjusted for inflation.

But that’s not all. The buyer paid the equivalent of nearly 25 units of the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max, which, at $1,599 in the US, is the most expensive model in Apple’s latest smartphone catalog update.

In any case, this sealed original iPhone is not the highest paying apple phone at auction. Let’s not forget that November 2021 someone shelled out over $86,000 on eBay to have the iPhone X modified to have a USB-C port instead of the original Lightning.

Source: Hiper Textual

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