FROM Mansana introduced iPad OS 16 At WWDC 2022, users patiently waited for its final release. The good news is that those from Cupertino confirmed when it will be availableand you won’t have to wait long for the update to reach compatible devices.

During the presentation of the new iPad Pro with the M2 chip and the updated cheap iPad, Apple representatives moved the availability date of iPadOS 16. This will Starting next Monday, October 24th.. Thus, in less than a week, users will be able to get their hands on the expected improvements that the operating system will bring.

This was indicated by Apple in the footnotes to the announcements of its new iPad models:

iPadOS 16, a powerful operating system designed specifically for iPad, will be available from Monday, October 24th and will ship for free with the new iPad/iPad Pro. iPadOS 16 will be available as a free software update for iPad (5th generation). and later), iPad mini (5th generation and later), iPad Air (3rd generation and later), and all iPad Pro models.

iPadOS 16 arrives with exciting news

A great addition to iPadOS 16 is without a doubt Producer. Shared with macOS Ventura, this feature lets you access new multitasking features and take full advantage of an external screen. During WWDC, Apple explained that the feature allows up to four open apps to be used at the same time and ensures compatibility with monitors up to 6K.

However, Stage Manager is also credited as one of the reasons – or THE REASON – why the release of iPadOS 16 took longer than expected. In August, bloomberg published that the poor performance of this feature in the first beta version of the operating system caused a lot of negative feedback from users. Therefore, Apple focused on polishing it, and this led to its delay.

Aside from the delay, the good news we learned at the end of September was that Apple began offering Stage Manager for select iPad Pros without the M1 chip running the most recent iPadOS 16 beta. Specifically for versions with the A12X SoC. , and A12Z. A welcome addition, considering its availability was initially limited to Apple Silicon variants due to RAM limitations.

Another addition that iPadOS 16 boasts is new weather app, which was one of the most sought after among the public. Thus, iPad users will no longer rely on a web browser to access weather information. This means that they will finally be able to do it from a dedicated app, just like on the iPhone.

Of course, iPadOS 16 comes with many new features that are also part of iOS 16.. These include improvements to Live Text for capturing text in videos and the ability to remove the background of photos by clicking on them. And let’s not forget the improvements to iMessage for deleting messages already sent, just to name a few.

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