Motorola showed off a prototype mobile phone with a rollable screen During a presentation at the Lenovo Tech World 2022 event. instrument panel extends and retracts at the touch of a button on the side.

Luca Rossi, head of Lenovo’s smart devices division, there is a phone Compact size with 4 inch OLED display. Then, by touching the button, the screen is enlarged to 6.5 inches like a regular smartphone.

As you can see, the smartphone with a rollable screen can be used in both sizes. For more, Displayed content such as splash screen and videos are automatically adapted to the dashboard.

It seems that the Lenovo executive showed a working prototype of a mobile phone with a rollable screen. You can see the battery and network signal indicator icons at the top of the screen.

Motorola did not reveal any further details about the flexible display phone. Despite everything, Since it is a concept model, the device may not reach the hands of ordinary users..

It is worth noting that the brand has the Moto Razr line of folding smartphones. However, the new technology takes a step forward in the development of devices with flexible displays.

Technology for tablets and laptops

In the same presentation, Lenovo showed off a laptop concept with a rollable screen. In this case, screen with common horizontal aspect ratio expands to a squarer shape This makes it easy to view vertical TikTok documents or videos.

According to Brian Leonard, Lenovo’s vice president of design, some of the research into applying the technology began in the development of the ThinkPad 360P laptop/tablet:

“As content is dynamically adjusted to the screen, it can expand to a much larger screen, providing an unprecedented method of hyper-tasking for productivity, navigation and more.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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