iPhone 14 Pro’s 5G is 50% faster than Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s

iPhone 14 Pro Max passed another test!

iPhone 14 Pro's 5G is 50% faster than Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's
by Gabriela Martinez on iPhone

iPhone 14 wins again. A few weeks after its launch, there are several tests where it outperformed the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and repeated success so as not to lose that habit. This time, Apple’s device showed that 5G is 50% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Ookla is responsible for making this comparison. And the results of the latest report on Internet speeds showed that: Qualcomm X65 modem in iPhone 14 Pro delivers outstanding performance Faster than X60 On iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung S22+ and Ultra.

iPhone 14 Pro surpasses all smartphones with 5G

iPhone 14 Pro's 5G is 50% faster than Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's

iPhone 14 Pro’s 5G is unrivaled

The study ranks T-Mobile’s offering as the fastest 5G service in that country. when combined with iPhone 14 Pro Maxcreates an unstoppable force that can deliver 147.42Mbps. The iPhone 14 Pro is second with 142.57 Mbps. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra took third place with 102.87The iPhone 13 Pro Max finished fifth at 96.46 and the Galaxy S22+ at 93.06.

The result confirms that iPhone 14 Pro Max average 4G/5G speeds are 50% faster compared to Galaxy S22+ and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Similarly, average upload speeds were noticeably faster for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max at 17.07 and 16.07 Mbps. Other top devices posted upload averages of 10-11 Mbps, making the new iPhones 50% faster. .

Despite the iPhone 14’s superiority in early testing, there were cases where Samsung excelled. The Korean firm took the lead in tests with an average speed of 65.94 with Apple at 62.49 Mbps. Samsung also showed a slight advantage at medium upload speeds and two milliseconds lower latency.

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which distinguishes itself from previous generations. Offers an alternative to the notch with Dynamic IslandIt provides a customizable display for notifications and other features that no longer occupy the entire top of the screen, including music and calls.

while internally Powered by A16 Bionic chipAlways On Display screen, main sensor camera system with 48 Mpx resolution, strong connectivity and functions for all.

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Source: i Padizate

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