One of the most anticipated smartphones for the rest of the year, iPhone 14. Apple’s new gamut is getting closer to real in the market, it’s normal for this to happen in September. And gradually, important details of what he has to offer are emerging. An example is this: sent a picture The screens of each of the models that will form the new product range.

One of the things that stands out to the image we’re talking about is that something very important has been confirmed: four versions iPhone 14 is nothing more or less. Therefore, you will always find the option that suits both your needs and, of course, the economic capacity of the moment in question. So the options would be: basic; Max; and of course the Pro Max. Sorting is screen from smallest to largest.

Something quite curious

As can be seen in the picture that we left after this paragraph and let us know the four panels of the future iPhone 14, each of the models will have a different finish what does it have to do with the upper area where the camera will be placed for selfies. So it must be said that the base model and Max will continue the traditional notch, something to be expected. But it is possible that many do not like it, because everything indicates that they will be the cheapest and most accessible devices.

Panels of the new iPhone 14


On the contrary, the Pro will be the ones that will release what is expected in principle. hole (There would be an additional item next to it for anything related to using Face ID). This will pair Apple’s terminals with what Android smartphones have long offered, and the truth is, it’s a very good solution, because screen space gained and in addition, it is much less inconvenient when using the terminal horizontally. Therefore, if you want to access this new possibility, you will have to spend a little more.

Some more on iPhone 14

An example is when it seems to be confirmed that there will be a minor change. aspect ratio new generation screens Apple smartphones. It will be 19.5:9 (for 20:9 above). The purpose of this is to achieve higher panels so that all the above-mentioned camera elements disturb as little as possible, and also that what we have mentioned does not in any way impair the playback of games or multimedia content. Good shot.

The truth is, here are the expected changes in what should have to do with the iPhone 14 panel: logical and keep up with the times. Of course, in terms of options such as pixel density or the screen technology used, the new generation of these phones is not planned to include any modifications.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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