iPad Pro M1 is probably a more interesting option than the new model

The iPad Pro with the M1 chip is positioned as a serious alternative to the new 2022 model, much more interesting and inexpensive.

by Ángel Roca on iPad

After the arrival of the new iPad Pro of 2022, we saw in comparison how the news was reduced mainly to increased power, replace M1 chip for new M2 chip. And so, be precise, the iPad Pro with the M1 chip might be the better option right now.

If the iPad Pro has one feature, it’s its tremendous strength, so choosing a previous generation is still highly recommended. At the moment an iPad Pro from the previous two or three generations still performs very well. And although there are differences between the M1 and M2 chip, 15% faster CPU and 35% better GPU this year, you won’t notice it in most cases.


Currently iPad Pro with M1 chip is better than new model

Why choose an iPad Pro M1 over an iPad Pro M2?

Seeing a few innovations and significant increases in price, currently the most recommended is to opt for the previous generation iPad Pro.. We have the same design, the same screens, the same cameras and battery, the differences are only in the power of the processor, but the M1 chip is already incredibly powerful.

Price iPad Pro 2021 part of 879 eurosand even cheaper in many stores like Amazon or MediaMarkt. new 11-inch iPad Pro costs 1,049 eurosa price difference not worth it for a few innovations.

iPad Pro 2022 and iPad Pro 2021

The new iPad Pro 2022 doesn’t offer many improvements compared to the iPad Pro 2021

For all this, I personally can’t help but recommend the iPad Pro M1 e Instead of the 2022 model, of course, an iPad that Apple no longer officially sells, and its stock will slowly run out at official distributors. So don’t hesitate if you see it at an affordable price, it’s a great option.

The iPad Pro M2 is not an upgrade

If the 10th generation iPad was a very important change with its new design, larger screen, USB-C and many more features, the iPad Pro was the opposite. Not a big update this is just an improvement to update it. The next generation will likely come with many new features.

The only reason you should Choosing the iPad Pro with the M2 chip is to expect this processor to receive special software updates in the future.. It is rumored that Apple will be testing a version of macOS on an iPad Pro with the M2 chip. However, this seems unlikely.

unless you want Edit ProRes video, in most tasks you will not notice the power of the new chip. The M1 is still incredibly powerful, and the iPad and apps still haven’t made the most of it.

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