Surprisingly, this way view has decided to increase the price of many of the services it currently offers to users. We are not talking about extraordinary increases, but they will be recorded at the end of the year when the total is made, and someone may eventually decide not to take the step of subscribing to Apple, for example. One of the affected options is TV+.

The truth is, there wasn’t a lot of data on Apple’s intentions, but these are officers because, as stated in the information source, sources from the company itself have confirmed that the price increase is already a reality in different markets. Of course, the company will continue to send a congress where its subscribers will be informed of this – and the reasons that led to this decision. But yes, it’s something. Irreversible.

Here is the Apple TV + price increase!

It is true that this is the first time the company has made this decision since its launch in 2019. And taking into account the current catalog, the increase might make sense, but it might not be the best time to do it (though given what’s happening with the iPhone 14 and the new iPad, that doesn’t seem to be the least important). The thing is, of course, you have to add two euros to the monthly feewhich would be 6.99 Euros.

Apple TV+ platform series


In the case of an annual payment, the difference is that instead of paying €49.99 you will have to pay €69.99 annually. It’s nothing great, but for some it may be time to move on to other platforms with a larger catalog like HBO Max, Prime Video or Disney+. Even the Netflix option with ads is very interesting, as the monthly payment is cheaper.

Other price increases on other services

So those affected Music and One. The first has some increases ranging from one to two euros per month. So, if you want to keep using this streaming music platform, you will have to spend a little more. Prices are as shown below:

  • Sound Plan: 4.99 Euros per month
  • Student Plan: 5.99 Euros per month
  • Individual Plan: 10.99 Euros per month
  • Family Plan: 16.99 Euros per month

Again, we’re not talking about outrage, but it may be that some users decide to switch. Spotify and use the option Free What is your offer. If usage convinces them, it could be seen that there is a drop in Apple’s payment accounts.

Finally, there are price increases in the Apple One. Here are the increments going two to three euros per month. The most restricted is individual, which includes TV+, Music and 50GB of space in iCloud. Other options like Family or Premium are the ones that will free your pocket.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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