In a chapter titled Dreams in the witch’s housefrom the anthology Cabinet of rarities Guillermo del Toro, available on Netflix, darkness is everything. A desperate man (Rupert Grint) tries to find a way to connect with everything that happens after death. But what appears to be an act of deep suffering turns into something darker as the story progresses.

Directed by Katherine Hardwicke, the camera is a haunting observer, using details in the shadows to tell her story. As in Lovecraft’s adaptation, the plot moves in circles, moving through the beauty of the inexplicable and terrifying. The strange combination creates the feeling that a large universe is moving behind the scenes. At the same time, he connects the idea of ​​emotional and symbolic shadows with surprising efficiency.

This is not the only drawback of production, which gives the feeling that fear can be a beautiful thing too. An inexplicable feature that has its own harmony when expressed. Each chapter in the anthology Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toroactually a strange thing.

Monster Kingdom Guillermo del Toro

As the director comments in the brief monologue that precedes each segment, “Terror has different faces.” This is a direct resource to make it clear that the narratives that will be shown below are facets of the same thing. A powerful, unique and often emotional take on the scary and macabre.

Mexican director’s first big work for Netflix – before, of course, expected Pinocchio is a collection of unique takes on darkness. Both the interior and exterior of each of his characters. About the scenarios they will go through and, in the end, the lessons they will learn – or not – from the events they will face.

Cabinet of rarities hidden in the mind of Guillermo del Toro

An anthology with two daily chapters (to be released on October 25). Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toroit is understood as a successive event. So the first two episodes sort of support each other, gradually expanding the director’s universe. Which gives the series the opportunity to create an increasingly idiosyncratic and ominous atmosphere..

In addition to Hardwick’s adaptation Lovecraft , another novel by the writer, embodied on the screen, is also included in the collection of short films. Handwritten by director Keith Thomas Pickman modelfind a new dimension.

The perception of the sinister turns into a painful pulse between reality and fabulousness. Reminds me of Crispin GloverReturn to the future ) creates a suffering character, which the script supports, perhaps one of the best productions of the collection. In particular, for the glorification and construction of a version of the dark, associated with human nature and its small cracks of greed, perversion and gluttony.

Fear turned into a work of art

Ana Lily Amirpour directs Outside, a metaphor for horror that begins with a seemingly simple object. But in reality, the plot is suffocatingly complex and increasingly claustrophobic. Through the tormented protagonist, short film analyzes rootlessness and fear of loneliness from the codes of terror. At the same time, it creates an unsettling feeling that the world can be a box of horrors. But, again, the plot has the precise quality of telling a scary story from an unprecedented, cautious, and always challenging space.

Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toro

Perhaps the most unique story in Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toroit The Viewing , Panos Cosmatos. The argument reflects a collective fascination with mysteries and reaches an alarming level. Director Mandy take advantage then the extremes of luxury obsession and the need to escape to create a scary story. What is most striking, however, is how the plot deepens and analyzes the collective notion of the strange. With the same extravagant aesthetic as his most famous film, Cosmatos finds the perfect setting on this strange journey into the unknown.

beauty and suffering Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toro

One of the most surprising things about the anthology is the variety of perspectives on horror. Guillermo del Toro has already stated this. Cabinet of rarities and its eight-story collection, produced by a small group of distinguished directors, pays homage to the genre. A selection based on the Mexican director’s particular perspective on spiritual darkness and its consequences.

But production does more than that. Also journey through the nature of good, evil, darkness and beauty through an unusual collection of stories. Also with a brilliant performance, which makes the series an unusual look at several genres at once. At the same time, on an emotional journey through dark places of collective anxieties and emotions.

All thanks to the eloquent exploration of terror as an emotion. What is good or evil? Who are the real monsters in a cynical world? These are common obsessions in the work of the director, who in the anthology Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toro take a new substance. Especially when the series seems to be focused on the possibility that everything creates fear, love, pain and exile, it moves along similar scenarios.

From supernatural stories – with an original point of view – to science fiction. Nothing is left out in this exploration of how time, the human condition, individual faults and merit create a supernatural world. Of course, all themes are united by creepiness. Also, for some spaces. It’s not an easy to understand anthology, and that seems to be Guillermo del Toro’s intent.

Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toro

In the end, time is like an impenetrable maze

Kunstkamera Guillermo del Toromore than just a collection of horror stories. In fact, this perception of the genre is very close to the author’s artistic expression of considerable depth.

A man known for humanizing monsters, he meticulously maps the most unique corners of the mind, fears and time. All thanks to the belief that even in the midst of darkness there is a glimmer of beauty.

“The search for what is truly radiant does not stop with death,” says one of the characters in the novel. Opening, a short film by David Pryor. Undoubtedly the phrase that most accurately sums up the overall effect of the production.

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