Microsoft is considering a price increase on the Xbox, and it’s no longer surprising

The rise in prices for services offered in the world of technology is currently unstoppable. If it was known yesterday that Spotify has such an intention and Apple did the same thing a few days ago, now it’s time for another world giant: microsoft. And in this case, it all seems to start with your line. xbox.

According to information from an interview given by Phil Spencer, who is in charge of everything related to Microsoft games (because they know about it), it’s pretty clear that the company should apply. A price increase to the current cost of Xbox consoles, as well as services associated with it, such as Game Pass. Come on, a warning to the sailors.

It’s just streaming on the Microsoft side.

It has been to see Apple take the step of raising its fees for its hardware and services, and it seems the rest of the companies have decided they should do the same. And the fact that many have given no indication that this might happen. The thing is, Spencer is currently prices are unsustainable Since what is offered in the Xbox line and prices will have to increase at some point.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Console


And all this after confirming that they are not getting bad data in the market. An example is to show that The growth of Game Pass for PC is incredible in his own words (the console itself is more stable, a thing that makes sense given the sales park that has been achieved so far, and which limits any significant progress). Therefore, it seems exactly as we said before: take advantage of the situation.

When will the price increase come?

There’s no exact date, but at least Microsoft had the decency to keep everything for this Christmas (sales are sales) and as a result,once in 2023 There will be a time when everything Xbox-related will have a worldwide price increase. It is not yet clear whether Sony will follow this path, but we should not forget that the Japanese company has already increased its PlayStation due to market fluctuations.

There is no data on how much the increase will be from Microsoft, but it is not unusual for it to reach 20 euros on hardware, and what does it have to do with services, these two will be added … what Apple does. In short, if you have the idea of ​​getting an Xbox S or X, next black friday Seems like a great option to do. Think about Christmas later, but the offers here are usually not very enticing.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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