8 best apps to remember to take medication on iPhone

Are you one of those who constantly forget to take medication or do you just want to receive notifications so that you don’t miss your treatment? You won’t forget it with these apps for iPhone.

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On time adhere to a treatmentprograms play a decisive role. ensure a fast and effective recovery. It is therefore not optimal to forget or time out a pill.

However, nowadays, thanks to technology and especially mobile applications, wide variety of vehicles It helps you remember that it’s your turn to take the pill and to follow your treatment properly.

8 best apps to remember to take medication on iPhone

The best way to remember when to take your medicine from your mobile

However, we leave you a compilation apps to remember to take medicine This can’t be missing from your iPhone or that person’s so you don’t forget anytime.

The best apps on the App Store for iPhone to remember to buy medicine

  • MyTherapy
  • Medication Reminder
  • Medication Reminders
  • Bell Pill Reminder
  • RememberMed
  • Medication Reminders
  • TOM: Remember Medications
  • Easy Birth Control Pill


Get your medicine on time with MyTherapy

Get your medicine on time with MyTherapy

With MyTherapy you won’t have to worry don’t forget to take your medicine never more. This incredible tool will send you reminders to take and refill medications as needed.

In addition, you will receive detailed PDF reports for: share with your treating doctor In addition to the medications you take, your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levelsamong others.

Widgets have many useful features such as injection site tracking, symptom history and well-beingconnecting with friends and family and much more.

Medication Reminder

Medication Reminder: get daily notifications

Medication Reminder: get daily notifications

Together simple interfaceeasy to use and very reliable, Medication Reminder is one of the most comfortable and convenient for any iPhone user serving medical treatment.

It has different options that do this. very complete alternativestarting with your reminders about the drugs taken and not taken, scheduling schedulesreplenishment reminders, medical appointment notifications and even the possibility to send a report to your doctor via e-mail.

One of the main functions that distinguishes it from others apps to remember to take medicine Support for visually impaired users through the function is similar. vocalizeeven in the free version.

Medisafe Medication Management

Medisafe Medication Management: reminders, doses and more

Medisafe Medication Management: reminders, doses and more

Medisafe Medication Management It is an ideal application for responsible people. looking after a childa parent or a patient who has or needs a chronic illness comply with medical treatment definitely.

They The process is very simple and clear with which you can create your remindersrecord medications in a calendar, progress log And thanks to its integration with the Health app, you always have your information at hand.

Additionally, it allows share your information In a visual and informative PDF format with your GP, as well as sync all family’s medications somewhere. It is the ideal companion in your days.

Bell Pill Reminder

Bell Pill Reminder: reminder app

Bell Pill Reminder: reminder app

Bell a completely free app perfect for all ages to help you remember exactly when to do it take your meds.

They’re giving permission set the shooting frequency between daily, weekly or monthly, adjust the corresponding dose, type of drug and even a compatibility monitor from drug use.

lots easy and convenient to use, so adapting to it won’t be a big deal. of course you can turn off notifications when you don’t need to take your medicine and even export your story to share with your doctor or pharmacist


RememberMed: remembering to take the medicine

RememberMed: remembering to take the medicine

yes ok RememberMed not among apps to remember to take medicine the most popular, it is a very useful and practical alternative when you need it. Developed by Andalusia Patient Safety Observatorywill accompany you during your treatment.

This tool is a complete and detailed medication list for you and all the people you need so you know about the active ingredient, dosage, how to take it and much more.

You can just add any medicine scan the barcode or manuallycreate custom reminders, see a detailed page each, among other very interesting functions.

TOM: Remember Medications

TOM: don't forget the shots

TOM: don’t forget the shots

TOM another great drug taking practiceswhere can you create your custom remindersAdd medication simply by scanning the barcode or manually and keep a detailed record of all your pills.

Together very visual interfaceYou can see all your medications in one way or another. digital catalog for greater comfort. owner track your moodanalysis of your daily measurement data, pill control and much more.

contraceptive pill

Birth control pill: totally reliable

Birth control pill: totally reliable

App designed for a more specific audience contraceptive pill It is very easy to use and completely reliable to comply with your preventive treatment. Fully configurable 3 birth control methods (pill, ring or patch) is therefore sufficiently versatile and complete.

creates custom remindersActivate pre-alarms and stay alert to get notifications before your pill time, add noteGet medication refill alerts and much more. It is undoubtedly one of the applications that you cannot leave behind once you try it.

Round Health

Organize all your medications and vitamins with Round Health

Organize all your medications and vitamins with Round Health

Finally, Round Health It is an application to do. take your medicine something simple. It is the ultimate application for organize all your medications and vitamins in one place.

a simple and intuitive interface in which you can program one or more doses customizable programstrack and take medications, get refill reminders, push notifications and more. It is fully compatible with apple watch and third-party apps.

Compliance with your treatments fast recovery and enjoy full and healthy life. With these applications, this process will be much more. simple and effective.

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