The Modify climatic it also seems to be guilty of a phenomenon that could loom over the existence of more than 10 million Italians. Global warming is the main culprit that the allergies they last all year and make symptoms worse. The alarm was raised by the congress of the Italian Association of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (SIAAIC) in Verona.

Experts said climate change is a progressive extension and an exacerbation of pollen allergy. Today it seems to be 12 months. Within a few decades, the total pollen of plants could increase by 200%.

The rise in temperature causes the dispersal, even in autumn, of pollen of various species concentrating flowering between spring and summer, with an increasingly abundant release of pollen. Added to this are early spring blooms and prolonged winter pollination, according to a study published in Nature Communications, according to which, in a few decades, the critical season for allergies will begin 40 days earlier in the spring and last three weeks in the fall. In other words, climate changes have disrupted the pollen calendar, causing the spread of ‘off-season’ allergens as well.

Gianenrico Senna, President of SIAAIC and Professor of Respiratory Diseases at the University of Verona

Here is the specific study of the parietaria in Italy and the Mediterranean and ragweed in Northern Italy and Central Europe. These two types plant they have an extension of their pollination. The first has pollination that lasts almost all year round, the second flowers in July and then continues into the fall. For example, the pollinations of the different types of plants cross each other, while previously each species had the time to release pollen. Global warming continues to have more and more consequences here duration allergies, but also onintensity their symptoms.

Source: Lega Nerd

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