The iPhone 15 will have more new features on the outside in addition to a USB-C port. The company may remove the physical volume and power keys to replace them with solid-state shown by Ming-Chi Kuo through a message on your Twitter profile. The analyst assures that the new buttons will have a mechanism similar to what Apple includes in the home key of the iPhone 7, 8 and iPhone SE second and third generation.

Just like the aforementioned home button, the iPhone 15’s solid-state buttons will be accompanied by Taptic Engines; one on each side. With the help of a small vibration, they imitated pressing a physical key.. Kuo also emphasizes that this change will increase the number of Taptic Engines used in each iPhone from one to three. This will primarily benefit Luxshare ICT and AAC Technologies, the two suppliers of the aforementioned vibration motors.

Kuo emphasizes that yes, this change will only be present in “two new high-end iPhone 15 models.” Apparently referring to iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Thus, the iPhone 15 and the corresponding Plus version will retain the physical keys. They will, let’s remember, come with a dynamic island; one of the main features of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

All iPhone 15s will have USB-C

apple, yes will introduce a USB-C port to all iPhone 15 models they announce over the next year. In fact, the company recently confirmed that its future devices will have the aforementioned connector in order to comply with European regulations, which stipulate that all manufacturers must add this port before 2024. However, they emphasize that they do not support this standard.

If the company does not change its strategy, next year we could see four iPhone models: Standard version, iPhone 15 Plus, Pro model, and Pro Max model. However, some rumors claim without much force that the company may release the iPhone 15 Ultra. As usual, all of them will be announced in September 2023.

Source: Hiper Textual

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