This user managed to run macOS on a Steam Deck

A user reported an interesting exploit that managed to install macOS on his Steam Deck video game console. The procedure was relatively simple, here we tell you how he did it.

On Mac by Mauricio Martinez

We’ve seen things as surprising as the Hackintosh with macOS. Not being dependent on a Mac to run the operating system is already a success story. and what this user has done is amazing. Can you imagine running macOS on a video game console? A Steam Deck went viral on Reddit for having macOS Catalina in it.

macOS real and unexpected on video game console

You can see it in the photo Installed on macOS Catalina 10.15.3 on Steam Deck. How was it possible? Thanks to the VirtualBox run action, a software used to set up and power virtual machines. Interestingly, inside the Steam Deck is SteamOS, a Linux-based system. Any developer with the necessary knowledge can modify this system To run any application

macOS Catalina on Steam Deck

macOS Catalina in the Steam Deck. photo from reddit

Success doesn’t have much follow-up as there isn’t a video to show how it actually works. testimony User named “Lampa183” states that his performance is completely normal. The only negative point as the animations are slowThis is also normal in macOS, since virtual machines do not have a graphics accelerator engine. Apple created macOS to run on their own computers.experience in other team types will vary.

Is it worth using macOS on another computer?

Personally, I have not had the pleasure of being able to run macOS in any environment other than the Mac’s own. Opinions are divided on what is good and what is bad, The important thing is that each user can adapt to their own needs.. It doesn’t seem like a reasonable decision to see macOS on a video game console and think it wasn’t designed for this task. There have been rumors in the past that Apple might have its own console, but this seemed like a crazy idea.

If we consider Apple Arcade, it may be different, but it is integrated into every Apple system, including tvOS. On the other hand, speaking of hosting systems across different products, if those from Cupertino don’t even dare macOS on the iPad, it should be something.

Steam Deck is a team that could have potential in terms of performance. It has 16GB RAM, AMD CPU and GPU with up to 512GB storage. MacOS computers with more Apple chips have proven to outperform most of their competitors, with more “powerful” processors on paper.

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Source: i Padizate

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