One of the most anticipated products, apple smart glasses We are talking about a tool that wants to revolutionize the market and wants to take a look at the future. In principle, they were to be presented in 2022, but their launch was delayed due to the coronavirus.

But now that there are no more products to offer this year, everything points to Apple Glass finally becoming a reality in 2023. And beware, they may be the first product offered by the bitten apple producer.

When will Apple’s smart glasses arrive?

Yet We don’t know if it will be called Apple Glass or Apple Reality Pro.but it’s clear that the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s next smart glasses will arrive in 2023. And as MacRumors reminds us, everything points to an event in January 2023 where we’ll finally see your new product.

we are talking about a size source Ming Chi Kuo He is an analyst who specializes in Apple products and has a minimal error rate in his predictions, so we can give enough truth to the information he publishes.

So, although the Cupertino-based company is expected to initially present its augmented and virtual reality glasses as part of one of the company’s main events, such as WWDC, it seems that will finally have a unique presentation and only where they show off their expected smart glasses.

And the truth is, it has made all the sense in the world ever since. Apple’s next augmented and virtual reality glasses will mark a before and after In the industry, therefore, it was expected that the bite apple maker would want its new flagship product to have its own promotional event so that it would not be overshadowed by other innovations launched by the American firm.

as far as possible price and release date Although it is a complete mystery what the first smart glasses of the company founded by Steve Jobs are, everything shows that it will have an approximate price. $3,000 and was due to be released in mid-2023.

It’s a figure that will leave Apple’s smart glasses as a niche product and within the reach of a few pockets, but it’s an open secret that new cheaper models will be launched next year. So, now it’s just a matter of being a little patient.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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