You can now buy an iPhone 14 Pro with a built-in Rolex watch for $130,000.

The Russian luxury company will only sell 3 of this eccentric iPhone model!

by Gabriela Martínez on iPhone

This year, the prices of iPhone and other Apple devices have increased considerably, especially in Europe. But that didn’t stop some from thinking. How do we make these products more expensive? Of course, this is not an offer for everyone, As the Russian luxury firm Caviar is used to.

Limited, creative, but above all extravagant collections characterize the offerings of this firm, which often interferes with the latest iPhone models. This time, however, the two of them decided to risk the bet together. pairs an iPhone 14 Pro with a built-in Rolex. And yes, the price is definitely as high as you imagine.

iPhone and a luxury watch in the same place

You can now buy an iPhone 14 Pro with a built-in Rolex watch for $130,000.

Caviar will sell 3 Daytona models

Caviar’s latest product, called the Daytona, features an iPhone 14 Pro with eight diamonds, 18-karat gold, and a host of other extravagant touches. Rolex Cosmograph Daytonais designed to be the ultimate timing tool for drag race drivers. Of course, there are many more details that Caviar explains in detail on his website:

“Above the watch face are three decorative dials representing a speedometer, fuel gauge and oil gauge. Decorative dash switches are located on the lower back of the case, just above the Caviar logo engraved in double-plated gold. Below it are the shiny metal details of the Daytona, Rolex’s It is the black PVD-coated titanium body that is the mainstay of many parts of the.

You can now buy an iPhone 14 Pro with a built-in Rolex watch for $130,000.

Caviar interferes with the iPhone 14 Pro with the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Although Caviar usually works on order and in limited quantities, this time it has been announced. Only three examples of this offer, which cost $133,670, will do.

Although not all collections of the firm are generally successful, being constantly updated with new recommendations indicates an audience willing to spend money on these pieces. And this time, it’s possible that Caviar has nailed it completely and won three darlings of iPhone and luxury watches.

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